Friday, November 2, 2012


So today I had an appointment at my IC doctor’s office for a pre-surgical urine culture; I know I have yet another UTI and the quick test confirmed it, so we’ll see what the culture says when the results come back on Monday. The doctor has said he will put me on the appropriate antibiotic and keep me on it right up until surgery day, November 12th.  This whole UTI situation has been so frustrating and gone on for so long, that I am now at the point when I can tell the nurses and doctor before they even check the urine that it will be positive; haven’t been wrong once (guess that’s not really a good thing!).

But here’s the good news. I bumped into my doctor in the hallway as I was leaving and we were able to chat briefly. He agreed we’ll keep me pumped with antibiotics up to surgery day. But he told me even if I have a UTI on surgery day he would not send me home and we will still go ahead (unless I had a fever or more serious symptoms). I’ve been so worried about being sent home after getting all psyched up for my surgery and getting to the hospital only to be sent home and to have my mind put at ease really has helped me as I prepare for surgery. 

This also illustrates how we sometimes get all worried about things we don’t need to worry about at all. I was able to leave and go get my blood work done and felt so much more relaxed about everything. My surgery will go on as planned, I am confident, and that’s a good thing. I’m a rip the band aid off real fast kind of gal, and so if I have to have surgery, I would just as soon have it as soon as possible and get it over with so I can begin to heal. By the time the holidays roll around (right around the corner), I should be doing pretty well. 

It’s always important to go into any surgery with a positive outlook and after speaking with my doctor, I am more relaxed and feel able to approach my surgery with the right outlook. 

 "For myself I am an optimist
it does not seem to be much use being anything else."
-Winston Churchill


  1. Catherine, we do seem to worry so much when it is not necessary and it doesn't help anything. I'm glad you are feeling positive. I hope everything goes well for you. Hugs & prayers!!!

  2. Barbara - Thanks so much for always being so encouraging and supportive. I am working on staying positive! No matter how challenging it's always the right way to go!