Monday, November 12, 2012


Well, surgery day is here and I am as ready as I can be. We'll be leaving soon to head down to the hospital. I really hate being hungry, don't you! I'm not freaking out about surgery; I want some food!! At least it makes me laugh! 

I really do have the best doctor and know I am in excellent hands! As surgeries go, this really isn't a big deal, but since I don't react as most do, it's a bit more challenging for me. I'm an old hand at it now and I'll get through it.

 I'll get back online as soon as I am able and report in. I can't thank everyone enough for all their good wishes and prayers. As I have said before, but will say again, I will take all those prayers and well wishes right into the O.R. with me and know they will stand me in good stead mentally to be ready for the procedure to come! Thank you one and all!

"The Prayer" - Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli

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