Friday, November 9, 2012


So I just have to say one more time what an amazing doctor I have! I got a call yesterday afternoon from his wonderful Nurse Practitioner that I love. I assumed she was calling about my surgery Monday, but it was more than that. She had been talking to my doctor about another patient and he stopped her, told her before he forgets he wanted her to call me and tell me a that he's been thinking about my chronic UTI problem and has something he wants to try next time I come in for an instillation. Now, I've heard of this before and know there are many of you out there already doing this, but he suggested trying putting gentamicin (antibiotic) into the instillation cocktail. I told her I'm game to try anything at this point and that I was also really pleased that he's been thinking about my problem; I don't have to be in the office in front of him for him to be thinking about how to help me!

He also had her instruct me to start taking some Tagamet daily up until surgery day as it is often used to help with allergic reactions to anesthesia and I'm a real problem in this area. So again, he was thinking ahead and doing everything he can to make my surgery go as smoothly as possible.

I know how lucky I am to have a doctor like this and how rare it is to have one that doesn't just think about you when you're sitting in front of him in the exam room.

So, the take away from this is. Even if your doctor isn't quite this pro-active, you do NOT have to accept treatment from a doctor that is uncaring, flip, or tells you there is nothing to be done. If you have a doctor like that, then it's time to find a new one and don't give up until you find one you feel is really listening. That's what I feel is so important with my relationship with my IC doctor. He clearly has been really listening and looking for ways to help me. All doctors should be at least doing that when you're in the exam room with them!

I am thankful for having such a great and caring doctor. I am a very challenging patient and after 11 years he has NEVER even once given up trying to help make things better for me! Just knowing this makes me feel better and I can work with that!

3 days to go until surgery day. Trying to get organized before then - laundry etc. so I won't have to worry about stuff like that after I get home from the hospital. My sainted mother will have enough on her hands taking care of me.

May you all have a peaceful day.

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