Friday, November 9, 2012


Well, I just have reiterate what an AMAZING doctor I have. I posted earlier about why I felt this way, but after today it's even clearer how unique he is. As those of you following my blog know, I am scheduled for surgery Monday to replace one of my old, dead InterStim devices. This evening, around 5:45PM Chicago time, the phone rang and the caller ID showed a call coming in from my doctor's office. I just figured it was the nurse with some last minute instructions. But no, it was the doctor himself calling to go over everything for surgery on Monday, what his plan was, review my anesthesia needs, discuss how he would be approaching the replacement process and wire revision. We talked at length about my chronic  uti's and so much more. In all, he spent close to 45 minutes on the phone with me talking about all my issues, Monday's surgery and in general just making me realize how lucky I am to have such a great doctor! He put my mind at ease for the weekend so I will be less anxious as I wait for Monday to get here. I was able to ask him some questions on my mind and we discussed them to my satisfaction.

To everyone who reads my blog, I realize this level of patient interaction is going to be hard to find when looking for a doctor. But it's not unreasonable to expect your doctor put this kind of thought into your care and give you this type of attention when you are in the exam room with them. Do not settle for less or doctors that seem put out by you or your questions or that you may be a challenging patient. This is a doctor who cares, is always thinking of how to help me and at the very least, make my treatments and surgery the best possible experience they can be.

I realize how lucky I am and wish each and every IC patient had a doctor that is this invested in their care, but if you don't and are not satisfied with the level your care you are getting, you keep looking for a better doctor until you find one that meets your criteria for a good doctor!

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