Friday, November 16, 2012

Inter-Stim Surgery Update

Recovery from surgery is going pretty well. I'm still quite sore and stiff; my lower back right above the incision is sore and it's harder to lift my right leg, as that's the side the InterStim was replaced so that makes sense.

I took a shower and actually washed my hair and went downstairs to eat breakfast at the table. Gotta start moving around. There is nothing like a hot shower and clean hair to help make me feel better! I could have stayed in that shower until all the hot water was gone!

I thought I would share some photos of my new InterStim against the old one so everyone could see how much smaller they are today then when I got my originals back in 2003 and 2004! Technology is amazing, that's for sure! My really nice Medtronic Rep gave me the sample of the small size and my doctor gave me the one he took out of me after he cleaned it all up. I know it seems silly, but I told him I wanted it! I have used it for "show and tell" at Support Group and people do like seeing what they look like. The old one was really easily felt in my butt whereas the new small one I can't feel at all. Actually, now I'm running on two of the new small ones, as last year I had the one from 2003 replaced and this time the one from 2004 has been replaced. So I am running on two of the new smaller InterStims.

All things considered, doing pretty well.

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