Monday, November 5, 2012


Don’t you just hate having to sit and wait for a phone call from the doctor’s office? I know I do. You don’t want to miss the all-important call because then when they leave a message and you call back, they’re no longer available and you end up playing “phone tag” all day long. So, here I sit waiting for the call with the test results on my urine culture, because boy, do I need some antibiotics!

Fighting IC has its own unique challenges for each of us; finding the right treatment(s) that work, juggling all those doctor appointments, meds, surgery, etc. It really can overwhelm us sometimes. My constant, seemingly never ending battle with chronic UTI’s on top of my IC is stretching my coping skills to their max.  I have been talking about this with my psychologist a lot lately as my frustration level is very high. Now, here I sit, with UTI #13 this year, waiting to hear from the doctor’s office so I can get started on antibiotics. Surgery to replace my one dead InterStim is one week from today.  Also have to wait for the pre-surgery phone calls from the hospital. Wait, wait, wait ….

It feels like a never ending battle, sometimes, doesn’t it? I know we all fight so many battles every day with our IC and even more so if we have other associated conditions. I guess I’m just trying to say, I share everyone’s struggles and disappointments when things aren’t going your way.

I know I want to stay strong and not let all the setbacks take over my emotions, but I have given myself permission to not be “Suzy Sunshine” all the time.  I’m taking care of myself, resting and becoming best friends with my heating pad again. I love my heating pad, but in the Summer I just can’t use it. Now that it’s colder outside, I have been using it daily. It helps me relax and relieves some of the discomfort.

I hope everyone has their own little tricks or home remedies as it were, to help get you through your difficult times. Give yourself permission to just do what you need to do in order to feel better. No one ever wished they’d spent more time cleaning their house or doing chores. 

So, still sitting here waiting for the phone call.  You know how you keep stupidly looking at the phone like that will do anything, right! No? That’s just me? Ring, dang it, ring!

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