Friday, October 18, 2013


By far, the most read post on my Blog was one I posted recently titled "Who Gets to Decide" about people judging those with invisible, chronic and painful diseases that others can't SEE. This is a continuing theme for many of us and something I feel strongly about that needs more attention. I posted about a segment on 60 Minutes recently as well that was condescending and incomplete and, in my opinion, biased and judgmental about individuals with invisible disease.

As I always do, I have several websites I check out regularly. One of these sites, The National Pain Report recently posted my story on their website and I posted a link to that for everyone to see. If you missed my story, here's the link.

I was so glad to get a story about IC published to help raise awareness, but this battle for those of us with Invisible Disease goes on. I was browsing this website this morning and ran across this story from one of their regular contributors and wanted to share it with everyone. We are not alone in this battle against people not believing us. 

Read this woman's experience as she goes through the physical exam process for her application for SSDI Benefits. It's shameful. But it just goes to show, we are not alone. Many are fighting this battle every single day!

It's a sad state of affairs in this country that somehow people suffering with Invisible Disease are treated like liars and accused of making up our conditions to rip off the system. The FACTS do NOT support this and we need to use these FACTS to battle the ignorance so many have about Invisible Disease. So here are some links that you can use when battling people who are ignorant about this perceived notion of abuse. Save these links and the next time someone spouts nonsense about how we're all faking it and milking the system, you will have some ammunition to fight back and try to do some myth busting on behalf of all of us with Invisible Disease!

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