Saturday, October 12, 2013


This is the face of IC. I am the face of IC. Someone you know could be the face of IC and you'd never know it. We wear many faces. Sometimes we actually put a smile on our face and laugh and act normal even if we don't feel great. Other times, we are dealing with surgery, treatments, medications, side effects, pain and more pain. But our pain is Invisible. Maybe we look fine, but that's not our reality. In reality, IC patients suffer with many symptoms that are painful, chronic, difficult to treat and for which there is no cure.

So look at these photos. Sometimes I look fine while other times I look like a patient. But every single day I am fighting against the disease that no one can see. And the millions of IC patients everywhere are fighting the same battle. But we are also fighting against the misconception that we are not really sick. 

Take a long look at the Face of IC! When someone tells you they have IC, look them in the face and think of what they are dealing with every day. Then ask how you can support them.

This is the Face of IC; I am just one of the 4-12 million Faces of IC!

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