Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today was one of those days. I was scheduled for an instillation appointment at my urogynecologist's office at 11:00AM. I scheduled it at that time on purpose because I also had an 11:40AM appointment already scheduled with my Cardiologist. Sounded good; get an instillation and I'd be all set for my next doctor appointment. Ha!

This morning the call from my Cardiologist's nurse comes (she's SO nice; I love her!). She tells me that the doctor is running 3 hours behind - you read that right - 3 hours behind! They just merged with a new medical group, have a new computer system and things are going very slow right now. She wanted to give me a heads up that he could still see me if I was willing to be patient, or I could reschedule if I wanted. I didn't want to reschedule so I told her since I already had another appointment down there today and my Mom and I could have lunch in between appointments, I'd keep my appointment. Sounded like a good plan, albeit a long day.

So we left the house at 10AM (it's an hour drive). I got there just in time for my instillation, and oh by the way, I have another UTI (ugh!) so not feeling good already. But the instillation felt good and I left to go check in with the Cardiologist's office and get my instructions. We did the paperwork and the nurse had my cell phone number and said to go to lunch and she'd call when they were ready. Sounded like a plan.

Mom and I had a nice lunch in the cafe at the hospital and relaxed for a while. By then it had been two hours since my instillation and I had to go to the bathroom. Usually they last longer but with a UTI, I don't always get as much time out of one as I would otherwise. I also usually have to catheterize after an instillation the first time and I carry catheters with me. Today was just not my day. I missed the mark twice so I had to throw out those two catheters. Now I'm getting uncomfortable and I don't know how much longer I'll have to wait before the Cardio doc is ready for me.

So I had a brain storm. I'm in the building, so I went back to my Urogynecologist's office and asked if I could speak with my nurse. She was SO nice and helpful too! I asked if I could have a catheter and if they had a mirror so I didn't screw up again, and if they'd let me use their bathroom and I'd take care of it myself. I told her I don't need her or any staff to do it for me, I just need some help with another catheter and I could take care of it myself. 

Well, no problem! She got me a catheter and a small mirror from one of the catheter vendors that she gave me to keep in my purse (yay!) and let me use one of their bathrooms and I was able to cath myself just like at home with no problem! Aaahhh!! 

Then just as I'm finishing, the Cardio's nurse calls and they're ready for me. So as I leave my Urogyne's office, I see my nurse and give her a big hug thanking her for helping me and off I go, one floor down to the Cardio's office!

Spent a long time with my Cardiologist as this new computer system is taking a long time. Probably the most time I've ever spent with him and we had quite the conversation. It was a great appointment. 

But by the time I was done it was 2:30PM and we'd left the house at 10AM. We got home at 3:30PM! What a long day this has been and I am absolutely exhausted!

I have to say this was a day I thought would never end and it was a mash-up of problems, problem solving, dealing with unexpected situations and making it work! In the end everything worked out just fine.

This is when it pays to have all your doctors in one building! I've got two doctors on the sixth floor; two other doctors on the fifth floor and one other doctor on the first floor! 

Whew! What a day. But I am grateful to have such good doctors with such caring nurses that worked with me and helped me out. I know I am lucky and I appreciate that I have such good and thoughtful medical professionals caring for me!

To them, I say THANK YOU! But what a day this was!

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