Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Shortly after using the Module for the first time, I decided to go back and check out a few of the many tools available in the program. What I chose to focus on today was to re-watch the video of Dr. Deborah A. Levesque that was presented at the ICA Patient Forum in Philadelphia back in June. I wanted to re-watch the video and listen to her talk about what people with IC can do to help ourselves. 

Then, I read the handouts from Dr. Levesque’s presentation. The handouts contain questions to help you figure out what steps you can take to manage your care, whether you are ready to take action to improve the quality of your care, and how you deal with having IC.

I like this tool. It really made me stop and think about what I do on a daily basis. Some of the steps I am already actively doing. Some I have worked on in therapy; however, ICHope helps reinforce my need to focus on the ones I am not focusing on enough. I like being reminded, by using a tool like this, of what I can control. Having specific things that I can do to take control, to help me manage my emotions, and to handle problems that arise really helps me feel like I am NOT helpless. I can do things to help myself. 

These strategies and tools may not be a magic bullet, but whatever I can find to help me improve the quality of my life I am all for trying. I find using these tools has been a real eye opener and is something that I am going to share with my therapist next week at my appointment. The Module contains tools and strategies that are so similar to things I work on in therapy that this just helps reinforce those sessions. 

Here are links to ICHope and the video and handouts that I have mentioned. If you haven’t checked out these resources yet, I encourage you to do so. ICHope is a great tool that can help each of us take control of our own health!

ICA Patient Forum Video Featuring Dr. Levesque

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