Friday, October 25, 2013


Today Elizabeth Bingenheimer is having her cystoscopy with hydrodistention and The Doctors will be filming it for a follow-up segment on the show! I want to wish Elizabeth all good wishes as she heads into surgery today and thank her for pushing The Doctors to cover IC and do this follow-up! She is a true IC HERO and deserves a huge thank you from everyone of us suffering from IC! Let's show our support for Elizabeth and thank her for all her efforts and wish her well tomorrow!

If you missed the first segment, here's a link to The Doctors website Synopsis of the show. Scroll down to the section heading called Chronic Bladder Condition. You will see two video clips that make up the entirety of the segment that aired on the show. Thanks to Elizabeth's hard work, never giving up and continuing to work with the Producers of The Doctors, they are filming today's cystoscopy with hydrodistention and will be doing a follow up segment on IC with her surgery as a key part of that. None of this would have been possible without Elizabeth's dedication to raising IC Awareness for all of us in the IC community. She knows the first segment was not as thorough as we all would have liked but it was a great start. Now, thanks to her, The Doctors will be doing a follow up! This is a big deal and it's all because Elizabeth fought for all of us!

I put up a post on the ICA Facebook page about this. I'd love to get as many "Likes" or posts wishing her well etc. as possible! Please go to 

and look for my post and "Like" it and post well wishes to Elizabeth. Let's make sure she sees all these great positive posts! Spread the word too! Thanks to all who everyone who helps let Elizabeth know how much we appreciate her going on national TV to tell her story and today, allow The Doctors the rare privilege of coming into the O.R. to film her procedure! She is a true IC Awareness Hero! 

Thanks Elizabeth!

*** **** ***
Elizabeth in Pre-Op with The Doctors Producer
who filmed her procedure!

"I'm all done, procedure went well. Producer interviewed me before and filmed the entire surgery, no airdate yet because i will go on for a follow up."

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