Friday, October 4, 2013


For the past few weeks my Mom and I have been working hard to get ready to hold a Garage Sale this weekend. It has been very hard work for me and I am in a lot of pain everywhere. Every inch of my body hurts like I didn't know it could hurt.

When I went on Disability and had to sell my home and move in with my parents, the combining of two households meant we've been trying to pare down since I moved in 6 years ago. It seems a never ending process and our basement, my closets - pretty much everywhere you looked, there was just too much STUFF! We've held several Garage Sales since I moved in but we both agreed we needed to have another one.

So we chose Thursday, Friday, Saturday - October 3-5, 2013. We advertised it to the development where I live for a "Preview" day on Wednesday. Well, I live in a wonderful community filled with such kind hearted and caring neighbors. I've written about our Annual Holiday Cookie sale where I've raised funds for the ICA and the committee that has driven me to doctor appointments. So we have quite a few neighbors that have become familiar with me and my IC. This is always good, as it helps raise awareness and I know there are a lot more people who know about IC where I live than did before they met me, helped me and supported our Annual Cookie Sale.

Well, on Wednesday, our Preview Day, we had a nice group from my community stop by to shop our sale. One neighbor in particular, asked if she could bring some items over to sell and said if we agreed, we could put whatever price we wanted on them and keep the money and she specifically suggested that whatever we sell her items for, that money be donated to the ICA! I was stunned and so touched! Others in the garage at the time heard us speaking about this and asked questions and when they made purchases, gave us more money than we were asking and said to give the extra to the ICA! It started to steamroll and I was near tears at how wonderful all my neighbors are! Even people who came in from outside our development got in on the act!

We still have one more day (Saturday) left for our Garage Sale but so far, of the money people have asked me to donate to the ICA totals $130!  And when I donate it to the new ICA Matching Challenge Grant, that amount will double. Who knows if I'll get more tomorrow, but even if I don't to have this unexpected fundraising come about because of the kindness of my neighbors is just wonderful. It just goes to show you that you never know what you can do to raise funds for the ICA without even trying! Depending on how much I make in total, I may add a percentage of my profits to donate as well. 

It's like a pile of dominoes falling down. This is the result of my getting involved with my Holiday Cookie Sale 3 years ago and having neighbors hear about the ICA at that event. Then when I needed help from our Volunteer Committee to get rides to the doctor, the word spread further. So now, this GIFT from out of nowhere falls in my lap because I speak out about my IC and spread the word and try as hard as I can to raise awareness.

You just never know where or how you can have an impact. I never expected this wonderful windfall for the ICA when we started planning our Garage Sale, but there it was! 

So if you ever thought you couldn't do it, or didn't know how - there are so many easy ways - some very unexpected - to have an impact and if you get creative, you too can make a difference!

Here's a link to the ICA website page with more information on the New Matching Challenge Grant.

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