Monday, October 14, 2013


I just discovered this wonderful new song and video by Sara Bareilles called "Brave". Many of you may have already heard the song or seen the video but I just discovered it today and was SO struck by it's message. I know I always post (and did so yesterday) an inspirational quote and song on Sundays, but this message was so inspiring to me. I feel it can translate to SO many aspects or situations in our lives whether it's battling IC or other struggles in life whatever they may be!

I believe each of us living with IC is Brave. I did a whole post on this earlier this year. Learning to live with IC and it's challenges is hard and I believe, makes each of us doing so very Brave!

So I'm posting the video for everyone to watch. Not only did I find it inspiring, but it's an uplifting, happy video that I found made me smile too - never a bad thing!

I feel like this should be the "theme song" of IC patients everywhere - who I believe are "Brave!"

Dedicated to IC "sister" Elizabeth who appeared on today's episode of
The Doctors to share her story and struggles of living with IC
to give a voice and raise awareness on behalf of IC patients everywhere!
Here's to Elizabeth's Bravery!

Here's a link to where you can make your own:

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