Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am so excited to see the ICA's Announcement today that they are launching ICHope Self Management Module! This new FREE tool for IC patients that we can use ourselves at home to find ways of learning to cope and strategies for dealing with our IC and pain is something that I think every single IC patient can benefit from!

This tool can provide a way for those who may not have access to counseling or therapy but feel they might benefit from it if they did. This tool can help us help ourselves and I am very excited to get started using it.

I am going to be going through the Module and Blogging about it as I do it. So keep watching my Blog as I write about how I think it's going, what I feel I'm getting out of it and keeping you all up to date on my experience with this great tool!

Here's a link to the ICA'S ICHope Self Management Module in case you haven't found it on the website yet. 

Stay tuned. I'll be keeping you all posted on how this is going as I go through the Module!

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