Monday, March 11, 2013


1. The never give up approach. My new treatment plan seems to be working! I haven't had a UTI in one month! I never gave up - my doctor didn't either - (even after 3 years) that we'd find an answer! Don't ever quit! Your answer might be right around the corner too!

2. Support of friends and family! Having friends who visit me, family who support and love me makes everything better! Don't feel like you can't ASK for support from friends and loved ones. You don't have to do it all and asking for support might just surprise you!

3. I won my Appeal for my Social Security Disability! If I did, so can you. It's been awhile for me now, but I am still hopeful more and more IC patients who need it, will also get approved. If you are going through this process, don't ever give up and keep fighting! You CAN win!

4. My Local IC Support Group! I have met and made some wonderful friends through my Support Group! If you have one in your area, I encourage you to join. If not, then start one yourself! It's not hard and the benefits are worth it!

5. The ICA Facebook Community! Each and every person I connect with online is a source of support, encouragement, information and friendship! Participate; it's rewarding!

6. The ICA website! Whatever information you need about IC; it's there! Want the latest on IC research; it's there. Want to know how to help fund raise for IC; it's there. Want information on the latest treatment options; it's there. Need a doctor referral; it's there. Need help with filing for Disability; it's there. Need information on IC & Diet; it's there. Need help understanding diagnosis and testing; it's there. You name it, if it's information on IC you need; the ICA has it! Here's the link; go exploring!

7. Having a great doctor! I know this is not on everyone's list and if not, then keep looking! There are great and knowledgeable doctors out there and we should accept nothing less. Keep looking. Consider traveling a little further than you might like (I do) to find a doctor that can help you! When you find the right doctor it will be worth it! (See also Reason #1 - Never Give Up!)

8. My Heating Pad! Aren't they a wonderful invention!?!! I used mine so often and it helps so much! Try it, you'll like it!

9. IC Awareness! The New ICA Billboard Campaign is helping raise awareness all over the country and this is exciting! The Ad recently in USA Today; again more awareness for IC patients everywhere; it's a good thing! The ICA Lobbying Congress recently for IC research funding. The ICA testifying at an FDA Hearing on Opioids! The list goes on and IC Awareness is happening; let's keep the momentum going! 

10. Research! Lots and lots of research! The research, trials and studies going on give me reason to be an IC Optimist that we will unlock some of the mysteries of IC which will lead to better treatments for us all!

If we just stop, take a moment and look, we can all be IC Optimists! The glass can be half full instead of half empty. We all have our struggles and I do not ever discount those. It's how we deal with those struggles that matters. I choose to be an IC Optimist!

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