Tuesday, March 5, 2013


If you follow my Blog, you are no doubt well aware that I have been struggling with chronic UTI's for over 3 years. I wrote not too long ago about a new medication that my doctor prescribed for me to try to see if we could prevent further infections. This not an antibiotic but an anti-infective and we began treatment immediately upon completing a round of antibiotics and making sure I had no infection when I started taking this medication.

Well, it has been one month and I have not had a UTI since I started on this medication! I see my doctor on Friday and if I make it to that appointment with no UTI, that will be a major milestone that I will be able to happily report to my doctor! I don't want to get overly excited and too "high" emotionally in case I hit a bump in the road at some point, but I am pleased and relieved to get such a significant break from the cycle of UTI's. I cannot say how much this break from all the infections has helped me physically and emotionally. 

I am going to just take this one day at a time but it is a lesson for me in perseverance - never giving up and working with my doctor to find a way to make things better. This is has been a 3 year struggle and it would have been so easy go give up at any point along the way and have my doctor tell me there was nothing to be done. But together we would constantly talk about the situation, he would always look for new ways to help me. As I said I don't want to get over confident, but I HAVE REASON TO BE OPTIMISTIC!

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