Saturday, March 23, 2013


If you've been reading my Blog, you know I have written about trying to get back to going for some walks, even just short little distances. Well, this week I've walked three times and I'm really pleased. There was a time I could do so much more and I can't now. There will always be part of me that feels I should walk out that door and go for my 6 mile walk like I used to. But I have accepted that is not possible - at least not for now. So what CAN I do? I can do what I can do.

Just put on my coat, walking shoes and walk out that door. My sister-in-law encouraged me to join her for a short little walk twice and today it was my Mom. I am glad I agreed to go. The weather today was decent; sunny, not too windy, so it was definitely a good day to get out. The weather forecast for the week isn't great so it was good to take advantage of a nice day when we get one.

I have talked about this in therapy and I know once things get harder and harder to do, I know I have a tendency to not want to even try. My therapist encouraged me to try; maybe not every single day. But if I'm having a "good" day (we all know what our "good" days are), then I should give it a try. I don't have to go far and I don't have to go fast, but just get out and see what I feel like doing. I did that this week 3 times, so I'm pleased.

For me, one thing that made it easier to do was to self-catheterize before going out. That way I knew I would not need to use the bathroom for at least a certain amount of time. That was a good idea.

My goals since getting IC are small and never long term. But in things like going for walks, my goal is to think about it each day, see how I am feeling after a while and weather permitting, go for a walk.

Today I went for  a walk!

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