Thursday, March 14, 2013


It takes courage to learn to cope with having a chronic, incurable disease such as IC. We are often faced with challenges finding a good doctor, the right treatment, can we still work and so much more. But each and every day is a new beginning and if one day isn't good, the next can be.

This is something I work on a lot. It's a work in progress and of course we have our ups and downs. But the point is, that we "try again tomorrow". So my thoughts on this are if you are struggling, keep fighting. Keep looking for the right doctor, the right treatment, what should you eat, working with a therapist to help learn coping techniques.

I believe that every IC patient has Courage because they get up every single day and try again. We keep on trying to find solutions, help others and focus on what we need to do to help ourselves. To me, that is Courage! To keep fighting your challenges and pain takes Courage! Each of us has this in us - the ability to keep going and that takes Courage!

So, don't beat yourself up if you get down one day. Just remember to tell yourself "I Will Try Again Tomorrow!"

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