Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yesterday, one of my dearest friends in the world, who has stuck by me since my IC diagnosis, came to visit me and take me out to lunch. She lives almost two hours away and there is no way I can drive to visit her anymore. We then started meeting half way in-between, but now, that has become impossible for me too. So, because she is such a good friend, she has taken to driving up to see me to visit! With all the snow we've been having, we had to re-schedule our plans twice, but yesterday was all clear and she made it up.

We went to this tiny, little, French restaurant near my house. It's not fancy, and it's small and quiet with really great fresh food - perfect for us to sit and visit. They have a really lovely and CLEAN ladies restroom and since the whole place is small, I can pop in whenever I need without walking through some huge giant restaurant where the restrooms seem a mile away. We had a lovely and relaxing lunch and she even treated me, which was so not necessary but such a nice gesture and demonstrates what a great and kind and thoughtful friend she is!

After lunch, we went back to my house and just sat on the couch chatting for several hours. Before we knew it, it was almost 5PM and facing such a long drive she had to leave. It was THE best day I've had in a long time! Getting to visit with my dearest friend, talk about all kinds of things - HER life, and not just my IC, was so good for my mental health. It made me so happy and I had such a great time.

After she left, I came up to my office to check my emails and Facebook and after about 20 minutes on the computer it hit me like a ton of bricks! I was TRASHED! So exhausted I could hardly sit upright in my chair! I closed my laptop and curled up with my comfy blanket and fell asleep until about 6:30PM. When I forced myself awake - worried I wouldn't sleep at bedtime if I didn't - I dragged myself downstairs for something to eat. After that I watched tv and found myself unable to stay awake and at 8:30PM I took my evening medications and went to bed! I NEVER go to bed that early and thought to myself that I would get in bed and then wouldn't be able to fall asleep, even though I couldn't stay awake watching tv. Well, I fell asleep and didn't get out of bed this morning until about 8AM; nearly 12 hours of sleep. Of course, I got up about 3-4 times in the night to visit the bathroom, but I fell back to sleep after each bathroom visit.

I was really surprised by how worn out I was from the day; all I did was sit a table in a restaurant and eat, but upon reflection it was about 2 hours. Then when we got home we sat on my really comfy sofa for several more hours chatting away. I never thought I be so worn out by this.

I was surprised by how much pain I was in and how tired I was after the day, but as I've said before: Sometimes it's just worth it! This was one of those times - at least for me! I am just going to rest today and take it easy; nap if I need to. But the benefit from having actual "face time" with my best friend outweighs the toll it took on me physically. Some things aren't and we each have to figure out what is worth it to us if we want to do something that pushes us harder than we might normally feel comfortable with. Some things just aren't worth the price we'll pay, but others are. The time I got to spend with my friend lifted my spirits so much, that it doesn't bother me that I am hurting today. I will deal with it. 

For me, yesterday WAS SO WORTH IT! 

(My Best Friend and Me at her Wedding 7 Years Ago)

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