Saturday, December 15, 2012


Tomorrow, Sunday, December 16th from 12 Noon – 3PM is the 17th Annual Prairie Crossing Cookie Walk, which will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the ICA through my personal ICA Fund Raising Campaign. I am so excited and hope we get a good turnout and raise some good money!

My Support Group Leader has enlisted the help of many friends and in addition to all the goodies baked by Prairie Crossing Volunteers there should be lots of yummy goodies to purchase. My Group Leader and I have also put together special items that are specially made and packaged to give as gifts. We hope this will help increase the total dollars raised.

I wasn’t able to bake as much as I did last year, but with my Mom’s help I got some cookies made and I’ve got some great gifts that I hope will increase the money we raise!  I’ll be taking pictures and maybe even some video of the event and will post that on my Blog so everyone can see some of what our wonderful event is all about.

Wish us luck and lots of sales tomorrow! All the money we raise that is donated to the ICA will go directly to the ICA’s “Imagine No IC” Campaign so 100% of the money goes directly to IC research!
Sell, sell, sell!
Don’t live in the Grayslake, IL area?  You can still make a donation to the ICA via my ICA Fundraising page here:

Also, be sure to check out the ICA’s Fundraising Toolkit to get ideas on starting your own fundraiser!

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