Monday, December 17, 2012


So, yesterday was our 17th Annual Cookie Walk Fundraiser. It has been a tradition in my community for so long and has always donated the proceeds to a charity or charities that are meaningful to families in our community. Last year, as I've mentioned, the organizers added the ICA as one of the organizations that will receive a portion of the proceeds, among others.

Last year we had an outstanding event, with lots of volunteer bakers and an excellent turnout and made a pretty good amount of money for each charity. This year, we had tons of bakers and volunteers to help organize the event, but unfortunately we did not have such a good turnout and so my hope to beat last year's take, was not to be.

I am grateful for the organizers of this great event and everyone that baked and contributed in some significant way to put on this fun event. I am not disheartened. The total hasn't been calculated yet, and while I already know it will be less than I was able to raise last year, it is still money that will go directly to the ICA's "Imagine No IC" Research Campaign. I know whatever we raised will be much appreciated and is better than nothing at all.

My Support Group Leader contributed so much and enlisted many friends to bake as well. The two of us put together special items for sale that could be used as holiday gifts and as a result we were able to increase the total sales by $114! Without all that effort to make special gift items, that's money we would not have raised that got added to the total take! I'm proud and thankful for that!

One of our Support Group members even drove all the way up to support our event and I am thankful for her support as well.

My family has worked very hard on this event for all of the 17 years the Cookie Walk has been in existence. For all their help, hard work and support I am also grateful. We are going to sit down next year and evaluate how we can improve upon this year's event and get back to the success we've experienced in years past.

But as I said earlier, any money raised is money the ICA didn't have before, so I am grateful for what we did make. I have asked my friends and family not to give me presents for Christmas and donate to my campaign so I am hopeful I can add to the money raised yesterday via my personal Fundraising Campaign!

My thanks and gratitude to all who worked so hard to put on this great event and to those who came out to support us!

Me and my IC Support Group Leader, Barb at the ICA Table
at the Cookie Walk!

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