Monday, December 24, 2012


by Catherine Horine

The snow has been falling outside as I write;
As I look out the window, it's pretty and white!
We put up our tree and strung all the lights;
A real family affair without any fights!

There are Reindeer and Snowmen, lots of festive decor;
The house is aglow with decorations galore!
Both inside and out, the Christmas Spirit is here;
We're happy and smiling, full of holiday cheer!

As we wrap all the presents in paper and bows,
Half the fun's the surprise, we hope no one knows!
Each gift has been purchased with love and much thought;
not to mention long lines and the traffic we fought!

And so this is Christmas, it's here one more time;
It's that time of the year when I send you my rhyme!
It comes with much love and to wish you one thing;
Let's all enjoy the Season; it's a long time until Spring!

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