Thursday, December 6, 2012


If you’ve been following my Blog, you may be aware of a fantastic FREE tool available from the ICA to help you develop your own Fundraising Project for IC. This tool will help you set up your very own page on the ICA website where people can go and directly make a donation to the ICA via your own Fundraising Campaign. It’s an awesome tool that I have been using for a year now and since I started, I have raised over $1,300 for the ICA that is going directly to Research, which is how I set my project up.

So, I wanted to make you aware of an upcoming event that is part of my Personal Fundraising Campaign that is always ongoing. Each year, my community holds an Annual “Cookie Walk” to raise funds for several charities that are meaningful to family members here where I live. This is the 17th Annual Prairie Crossing Cookie Walk to be held on Sunday, December 16th from 12 Noon-3PM here in our Charter School Gym. The event divides the proceeds from the sale of all baked goods among the four chosen charities. These charities are chosen, as I said, because we have families here that are impacted by each illness represented by these charitable organizations. One of those charities is the ICA! Last year, the ICA’s portion of the Cookie Walk’s proceeds totaled $546.75! Pretty good when you consider we have to split the proceeds among 4 different charities! We're hoping to increase that amount this year!

My Support Group Leader is, once again, baking goodies to contribute to the sale and has enlisted friends to bake as well. I would normally be baking up a storm too, but due to my recent surgery, I am under doctor’s orders not to – no bending, lifting or twisting for a full 6 weeks makes it really difficult to bake the way I do. I am very disappointed that I can’t do my annual baking extravaganza, but promised to do my best to help spread the word about this great event! This is always a fun event and this year we’re hoping to have music and vendors selling interesting and unique items and, of course, lots and lots of cookies for sale. The money raised for the ICA goes directly to the ICA’s “Imagine No IC” Campaign via my personal Fundraising Campaign. That means I have requested 100% of all funds raised for the ICA go only to Research! Here’s a link to my personal fundraising page, so you can see what they look like when set up.

Here’s a link to the ICA Fundraising Toolkit page; it is full of ideas on how to go about fundraising for the ICA. At Christmas, I can just tag on to our Community Cookie Walk event because my family approached the organizers and asked about including the ICA as one of the recipients of the proceeds of this event. But I also raise additional funds on my own by simply sending emails to my friends and family asking that instead of gifts, I would like a donation to be made to my fundraising campaign. Last Christmas I was able to raise $445 just by emailing and asking family and friends to make donations instead of giving me gifts. For my birthday, I did the same thing and emailed my friends and family and that time I raised $420! In total I have managed to raise $1,338.75 for IC Research! If I can do this simply by emailing friends and family, so can you!

 Here’s a link to the ICA’s Toolkit page where you can go to set up your own Personal Fundraising Campaign Page. This also is a great way to make it easy for those wishing to donate. You don’t have to manage handling money and everyone gets a receipt from the ICA immediately upon making a donation!

This is a great way to support IC Research and Fundraising, so I hope you’ll consider supporting the ICA and develop your own personal fundraising campaign too!

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