Saturday, December 22, 2012


I was feeling down in the dumps today as I haven't been well enough to do ANY shopping for Christmas and, while I didn't want to spend a lot of money or do anything extravagant, I wanted to be able to get a little token of appreciation to open on Christmas morning for my family who does so much for me all year long. But time was running out; here it is the last Saturday before Christmas and I knew everywhere would be insanely busy and I wasn't up for that either.

Once again, my Mom to the rescue. I didn't even know what I would get, but she helped me come up with some ideas and we headed to a mall she wanted to go to anyway for something for one more person. So off we went. We both said we would prepare ourselves for it to be crazy busy, not let it get to us and just go with the flow. I was moving slow and not up for a long shopping day but the Christmas angels must have been watching out for us. The mall was indeed crazy busy, but we got a parking space right by the first store we were headed to, and while there was a line inside, we got what we needed and the store was doing a good job at moving the lines along and we were out in no time - two gifts down. We walked across to the next store and it too was insanely busy, but I quickly found what I was looking for and before getting in line, asked Mom to hold my selections and ran to the bathroom expecting a line - miraculously it was empty and I was able to use the ladies room right away (whew!) and go back and get in the check out line. Again, I thought the line would take forever as it was quite long, but the store had all registers working and did a good job of moving things along and before I knew it - 3 more gifts done! That left only one more and that was at a store back near home, so we high tailed it out of the crazy mall and realized we hadn't been there even an hour! Amazing.

Last stop for the last gift and they were dead; every parking space empty; got what I needed and we headed home! All my gifts in hand just needing to be wrapped! I went from tears a few hours earlier to having everything I needed for everyone and feeling happy and grateful that my wonderful Mother once again came to my rescue.

But the icing the cake today was our community's Annual Christmas Carolers. Every year, a group of singers get together and hop in our farm's wagon and get pulled around the development stopping along the way at various designated areas to sing for everyone. Neighbors come out on their porches to listen and enjoy the beautiful Christmas carols. We had some friends over beforehand and enjoyed a visit around our tree, then went outside to watch the carolers for a few minutes before retreating to the warmth of the house.

I am struggling these days with my IC and have been battling being down in the dumps, but today really helped me appreciate my family, friends and the true spirit of Christmas.

Then I connected with my brother and his wife in California on Facetime to top of a wonderful day. We decided we will set up a time on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to Facetime again when everyone is here! That also did a lot for my spirits.

So, I hope everyone can find positive and fun ways to help you enjoy the holidays and be grateful for what we do have. We have our challenges, but we also have many blessings and today I felt blessed.

The Prairie Crossing Carolers!

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