Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Since this is something I'm trying these days, I thought I'd write about using Social Media in our battle to create IC Awareness. Because I so often read so many of my IC Facebook Friend’s posts – and other’s as well – they are often pleading for more IC Awareness and funding for research (always a good thing). Often, posts have been about writing letters to Dr. Oz or various medical tv shows. I feel those are not bad ideas, but I think a better approach is to target these tv doctors via Social Media instead of writing letters or emailing the show website(s). I have been targeting all the network tv doctors and more via their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. I am commenting frequently, often multiple times in the same day. Imagine what we might accomplish if everyone with IC did the same thing. There are no guarantees, of course, but nothing ventured, nothing gained I say and this is  how these people now get their feedback from their audience(s)! So, here are the key doctors and health site organizations I am following on Twitter and sending Tweets to every single day about IC: 

Dr. Oz:  @DrOz
Dr. Nancy Snyderman (NBC):  @DrNancyNBCNEWSi
Dr. Sanjay Gupta (CNN):  @sanjayguptaCNN
Jonathan LaPook, M.D (CBS):  @DrLaPook
Richard Besser, M.D. (ABC):   @DrRichardBesser
Richard Knox (Health and science correspondent, NPR): ‏ @DickKnox
Andrew Weil, M.D:  @DrWeil
NYTimes Health:  @nytimeshealth
Dr. Jennifer Ashton (MD,Ob-Gyn, women's health expert):  @DrJAshton
NBC News Health:  @NBCNewsHealth  @womenshealth
BeWell (The latest health and wellness news from NBC News’ Nancy Snyderman, breast cancer guru Susan Love, and the other health experts.):  @BeWell
NIH for Health:@NIHforHealth

So, get yourself on Twitter, start following all these medical professionals; see if they also have a Facebook page. If so, “Like” them and start posting on there as well. Tweet every day, post on FB every day. Let’s hit them hard with all the power of the IC Community! You never know until you try and Social Media is where it’s at these days so let’s rally together and see what kind of impact we can have!

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