Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My IC doctor really is great! He is so determined to help me and gives me so much time to discuss various options and ideas. He wants me to have an InterStim programming session to try to help with my retention, so I'm doing that next week. Also, when we see how severe my retention is, we agreed I need to self-catheterize more often, at least each night at bed time and I'm on board with this. I already know it helps me get through the night better. There are some other things that he wants to research and look into and then see me again in 4 weeks. I'm working my Probiotics every single day and I truly believe they are beginning to help, so I am cautiously hopeful but not ready to jump up and down. I am committed to them for the long haul and as promised, will report how it goes. I feel good about my appointment today. My doctor is always looking for solutions and that's more than half the battle. I am grateful!

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