Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Instead of "Calling in Sick", since this a Blog, I thought I'd "Write in Sick". I'm not really sick, but I will be out of pocket for most of the day. Today I have to have an upper endoscopy again to take another look at my hiatal hernia, stomach and so forth. I've been complaining of increased pain from these issues so the doctor wants to take a look again and see if things are worse than when he diagnosed me 10 years ago.

It should be a simple procedure, the drugs aren't bad so I shouldn't be sick or anything. But knowing me, I'll probably be very tired and wiped out by the time we get home. And, of course, we have to leave by 10AM to get there by 11AM. The procedure is pretty quick, but then I have to wake up etc. etc. and if all goes well, we'll be home maybe by 2PM. There goes most of the day. 

I am interested to see what, if anything, the doctor sees. I have been experiencing increased pain right in the area of the hiatal hernia and worsening of GERD symptoms, so we shall see what we shall see and if anything more needs to be done. Whatever the outcome, I am ready for it. The doctor MAY want to repair the hernia or he may not. If things are basically unchanged, then maybe he'll just prescribe some better meds to control my symptoms. Either way, I'm good with what the recommendation will be.

Hey, at least I'll get a short little nap, right! I'll report in on the findings on Thursday. 

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