Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As you know if you follow my Blog, raising awareness about IC is my passion. It's why I do this Blog, use Twitter and YouTube, and now I'm using another Social Media Tool, Pinterest, to help raise awareness about IC!

I had been having fun with Pinterest for personal use when it dawned on me that it would be yet another tool I might use to help with my IC Awareness Campaign.

I hope those of you who follow my Blog will also start following me on Twitter and now Pinterest. Spread the word among your IC friends about this Blog. If you scroll down the page, I have links to all of these sites I'm using. Scroll down even further and you can see a listing of past Blog posts that might interest you if you haven't been following me. Explore the page in full; there is lots of good information, links and more if do more than just read today's post.

So, here's a link to my new IC Pinterest Page. Have some fun poking around. If you have your own Pinterest Page, Pin any of my photos to your page and help spread the word!

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