Thursday, July 4, 2013


First, for those interested, my upper endoscopy yesterday went well. There has been no change in my hiatal hernia and it does not need repair (YAY!). The doctor said that likely the reason I was suffering so much was that I needed to be on some good/strong medication and I am now, so all should go well. I was pretty wiped out yesterday but for me, that's a good thing after a procedure. So all will be well. At least that's one box I can check off and not worry about!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend! I know many of us celebrate with family gatherings that revolve around food and this becomes a source of stress for many IC patients that can't enjoy some of the traditional holiday foods they used to (what? no ketchup on a hamburger?) 

I hope everyone plans ahead and doesn't let things like this put a damper on any celebrations. Bring or prepare your own food that you can have and just eat what you like that's on your "safe"list! If you were really on the ball, maybe you've purchased a few of the IC friendly cook books and come up with some great food ideas for any celebrations you are going to or hosting. I hope so!

Most of all, don't let FOOD ruin or dampen any family and friend gatherings you are planning on participating in. I'm a food lover, so I know how hard it is to give things up. I am constantly fighting a battle with my weight too so clearly I struggle with eliminating foods from my diet! But the point is to BE with friends and family and enjoy good company and have a good time. We all focus too much on food and letting that ruin what could and should be a fun time. When you put it in perspective, food is just not worth allowing to have such an impact on how we enjoy being with those we love, no matter the celebration.

For anyone that doesn't have it, I'll post a link to the "Food List" that might help you if you haven't read through it yet. Also, be sure to read the link on the approach to the food list. As you will read, there is no hard and fast rule about this food is 100% "Safe" for ALL IC patients or the other way around. It's meant to be a guide so use caution.

For some, taking Prelief before eating certain foods can help you enjoy some foods that might usually bother you without the Prelief. But don't go crazy overboard. Everything in moderation. Pick your "treats" carefully and savor them. 

You also don't want to physically overdo it so that you set yourself up for a flare the next day. Don't be uncomfortable if you have to sit down in a chair; you don't have to win the prize for biggest social butterfly. Do a little mingling as you feel up to it, but take breaks and take it easy. Friends will find you if you choose to sit where the "action is". Bring a cushion if you need to. Planning ahead can allow you to enjoy yourself today and all weekend. So if you are planning on partying, go ahead, have fun. Just plan ahead for your food, comfort and what it will take to let you participate. 


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