Monday, July 29, 2013


I guess today is just one of those days. I've been sitting here waiting for inspiration to strike so I could write today's Blog. Nothing is coming and I'm very sleepy. I did get up and go for a walk this morning and then my Mom had to take me to run some errands; time to clean the cat's litter box, get more cat food and so on. By the time we finished the errands, I vacuumed and cleaned the litter box, fixed myself lunch, I feel completely exhausted and uninspired.

So I will listen to my body and the messages it's sending and I am going to take it easy and take a nap. Sometimes we just have to give in to what our bodies are demanding and not force things too much and end up in a flare. 

I encourage everyone to listen to your bodies and do what they are telling you, as much as possible. I know it's hard when you have a family and home to care for. But you are no good to your family if you work yourself into total collapse.

Give yourself a break - I am today. Rest up when you need to and take it slow if that's what's required. There is always tomorrow!

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