Saturday, June 22, 2013


I'm kind of excited. My efforts on Twitter are starting to pay off! I have been using Twitter daily to send Tweets to all sorts of relevant people and organizations; i.e. doctors, medical organizations & publications, politicians and more. I made sure to go to the ICA's Twitter page and find out who they Follow and I am also Following most of the same people/organizations etc. that the ICA does. 

Well, as of today, I now have 19 Followers; half of which the ICA follows and that also Follow the ICA! I'm very excited about this! It's not where I hope to get; I want more Followers so that my efforts to raise  has some impact. But persistence clearly pays off and I am getting Followers and I'm just one person. Imagine what we could do if we all got on Twitter and did the same thing!

This week, I also wrote to several newspapers, online publications and television shows via their websites encouraging them to cover IC as an important health topic. I may not get anywhere on my first try, but I'm not giving up! This is important and so easy to do!

I know I've Blogged on this topic before encouraging everyone to get on Twitter and help raise awareness about IC. But seeing how many Followers I now have has really encouraged me to keep at it! 

There is always SO MUCH talk about raising awareness for IC and I agree. But let's not just talk about it. Let's ALL get involved and do what we can to help our cause! The ICA asked us to write our Congressional Leaders asking them to sign on to Rep. Schneider's letter to the CDC; how many have done this? Since Rep. Schneider IS my Congressman, I didn't need to call him and ask him to sign on to the letter but what I did do was send him a Tweet thanking him for leading the charge in this important cause! Guess what? He responded via Twitter and "Favorited" my Tweet! That was very exciting! I'm really working on trying to get the Congressman to "Follow" me and let him know that, not only am I a constituent, but I voted for him and asked him to Follow me on Twitter and help me raise IC awareness. Politicians don't generally Follow people like me, but one never knows and I'm not going to let up. I also sent Tweets to other political figures on this topic and my two Senators. 

These are all such simple things we can do; making a phone call to your Congressional Rep. is quick, easy and believe me, they want to hear from their constituents. It seems intimidating at first, but now I've done it so many times, I'm comfortable doing it and you should be too.  

If you are looking for a place to start, go to my Twitter page and see who I am Following, what my Tweets are and just go from there. You can find me on Twitter here:

Let's all get EXCITED about helping to raise awareness about IC. Let's put up, or you know ....

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