Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Well, last night we had our local Support Group meeting and it was a great meeting. We had several new members join us and I am always so happy when we get new members who find us. I  hope they found the meeting as helpful and supportive as I think it was! Welcome to our new members!

Today was a busy day for me and I am very tired. I left the house at 10AM for my 11AM appointment at my IC doctor's office for my weekly instillation. That went well. Still no infections so that's great. The instillation really helped and that was important because I also had a 1PM appointment at the Gastroenterologist. In between, my niece who has been driving me to all my appointments and I had lunch. I wanted to take her out for all she's done for me, so we had time to kill in between appointments, so it worked out well. I love being able to spend time with my niece. It makes me happy and we get private time to visit, so it's great!

The Gastroenterologist wants me to have an upper endoscopy again and I think it's a good idea. The pain I've been having should be investigated and it will put my mind at ease to find out one way or the other if things have changed or not since I had the last one done 10 years ago. I really like this doctor; he is extremely kind, caring and sympathetic. When reviewing my medical history he was so kind and showed so much empathy for all I am dealing with. I am lucky to have found such excellent doctors to care for me. I know how lucky I am in that regard.

So the procedure is scheduled for two weeks (July 3rd) and I will be glad to get it done and find out what, if anything, is going on. Hopefully, not much and my new medication will be all I'll need to continue with. We shall see. I'm not nervous about this; it's an easy procedure, very quick and as the doctor said, certainly easier than all the IC stuff/procedures/cathing I have to do to myself all the time! He's right!

I need a nap now, so that's what I'm going to do. I hope everyone does the same!

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