Monday, June 17, 2013


I have a lot of things going on this week. Tonight is my local IC Support Group Meeting and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up. We meet every other month and I was unable to attend the last meeting so I am looking forward to tonight! Since I was unable to attend the last meeting, I did get one of my friends from group to bring her iPad and we used FaceTime on both our iPads and I joined the meeting that way. I have to say it was really cool. Even if you don't have a local Support Group, if you have other IC friends with computers and want to feel more connected, try using FaceTime (Apple only) or Skype. I am doing this more and more with friends as well and it gives me the feeling of actually visiting with them as opposed to just a phone call. This can really help those of us that have a difficult time getting out and socializing as we used to. But tonight, I will get to join the group and see everyone in person and I am excited.

Tomorrow I have two appointments. I will go for my weekly bladder instillation in the morning and then in the afternoon I have my appointment with my gastroenterologist to discuss the hiatal hernia pain and GERD issues that I've talked about that are flaring up. I'm hoping to get some answers. It will be a long day and I know I will need a nap when I get home, but getting my instillation before going to the next appointment is always a good idea for me. It helps me be better able to get through the next several hours in reasonable comfort. I always try to plan it that way if I have to see more than doctor on the same day. Get the instillation first, then move on to the next appointment. I am much more comfortable when I do that.

As you know if you follow my Blog, you know I am a big proponent of using Social Media to help raise awareness about IC. I've been using Twitter almost daily (check me out @Catwoman720 and see who I am following). Well today I am excited because I am starting to get some of those I'm Tweeting following me back on Twitter! I am excited about this! I have lots more to get, but persistence seems to be helping me gain traction and anything I can do to raise #ICAwareness then I am happy! Everyone should do this. The more of us doing this, the bigger the impact! But when I got notification today that I now have several new followers on Twitter, it made my day!

So, my IC week is full of activities and opportunities. I'm going to talk to my Support Group tonight about helping raise #ICAwareness and just enjoy seeing my friends tonight. I also am SO grateful to my Support Group leader for all she does for our group and me as well. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, we have a great group! These things all give me goals and help me stay positive and focused on what I CAN do and not the negative.  I hope everyone can do the same!

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