Friday, May 10, 2013


We are always talking about the need to raise awareness about IC. Well, yesterday and today, I have spent several hours writing emails, letters, Tweets, posting on FB pages and more with as many high profile, television doctors, news programs, health magazines and news organizations asking that they cover IC!

Sometimes, you can post on a FB page, other times, you have to submit an email letter suggesting a topic you'd like to see covered. I spent the past two days on Twitter sending out Tweets about raising IC Awareness and using the hashtag #ICAwareness from the ICA's Twitter page.

This is something everyone of us with IC CAN do and I want to encourage everyone out there to not just talk about raising awareness, but to actually DO something about it! Here's a link to my Twitter page where you can check out who I am following. Join Twitter and start Tweeting. Use their Twitter pages to find their websites, Facebook pages etc. Then write or post to them there as well. 

Let's stop TALKING about raising awareness and let's all get involved. Social media is the way to get the message out for those of us as individuals trying to impact these people. If enough of us contact them, something might actually happen. One person like me, doing this alone, likely won't amount to much. But that won't stop me from pestering them with Tweets, emails and Facebook posts!

So, come on. Start Tweeting, emailing and Facebooking about IC! 

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