Sunday, May 26, 2013


Normally I post an Inspirational Quote on Sundays, but today I want to write about how inspired I am by my Mom!

As I posted recently, she had knee replacement surgery a week ago Friday. I'm sure many of you have family or know people who have had knee or hip replacement surgery. It's NOT an easy surgery; very painful and rehab is extremely painful and difficult.

My Mom will be 83 in August and she is such a trouper! First, she is already an inspiration to anyone who meets her. She is in extremely excellent physical condition, especially for someone her age! She does her Pilates, Yoga, works out with weights and is an avid cyclist. This put her in very good condition to have to undergo a surgery like this, but even so, it's not easy. 

She has been home from the hospital since this past Monday and they waste no time in sending a Physical Therapist to your home to get you cracking on your p.t.! She even got her leg bent past 100 degrees yesterday! In less than a week - that's just amazing. I could hear her cry out a few times in pain, but she pushed through and even did her on own p.t. later in the day, even though she was sore.

This is no small feat, again, especially for an 83 year old. But she is determined and will push through and I have no doubt she will get 100% mobility and range of motion back. She has had her challenges this past week, no doubt. But she doesn't let them keep her down. She always comes back later determined to get past whatever challenge she faced and move ahead toward getting better.

It would be SO easy for someone her age to just say, this is too hard. I can't handle this rehab or all this p.t. So easy to just SETTLE for less than 100%. But not my Mom. She is determined and I have no doubt she will be back on her bicycle while the weather is still acceptable! 

I look at what she is going through and I realize it is temporary; she will recover. So there is a difference in our situations. But her fight and determination to do all she can is an inspiration to me. If she can fight that hard, never give up at 83 years old, well then, I can keep fighting too. It may be a different kind of fighting and determination, but fighting to cope, stay positive and never give up are something I think we can all relate to.

Here's to my Mom - as I like to call her "my sainted Mother"! A true inspiration!

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