Friday, May 24, 2013


The other day my wonderful Niece was driving me to my weekly doctor appointments and while she knows the basics of IC, she wanted to know more and I was happy to explain it to her. She is 21 now (I cannot believe that!) and is studying film in college. She has her own health struggles and so it is a topic of great interest to her. 

She told me during our drive home that she would like to do a documentary on IC & me with a focus on it's impact on family. I was blown away. She said she'd already gone so far as to discuss this with one of her professors who asked some questions, then encouraged her to go for it! She really wants to do this and said if she can and it turns out, she'd see if the ICA was interested in it. 

I don't know if this will happen or not. But the simple fact that she has given it this much thought, wants to use her talents to help raise awareness and actually got input from a professor just blows me away! But that's the kind of young woman she is!

I told her I thought it was a great idea and I'm in whenever she finds time to devote to it. She has an extremely busy schedule, so I don't know if or when this will happen. I just felt so touched and proud of her. Not all 21 year old kids would want to use their free time on a project like this instead of hanging out with friends and such. She is truly a special young lady.

This shouldn't surprise me. My entire family from my parents, to my brothers and their wives to my nephews have always wanted to support me in any way they can. They are a source of support and encouragement. They all help me just figure things out and problem solve when I have a problem. I am blessed.

I hope she will work on this and that we can turn it into something wonderful to help raise IC Awareness! This could be something that could benefit everyone in the IC community. If, as they say in the movie biz, the projects gets the "green light", I'll keep everyone informed. But any way you look at it, I am just happy she wants to do this.

It doesn't take this type of ambitious project to help raise awareness. We can all do it. I've been busy using Twitter all week and again I'll ask everyone to do the same. Just go to my Twitter page, see who I follow. Feel free to even copy my Tweets and start Tweeting about IC. Follow the ICA's Twitter page too! 

My Niece, the budding filmmaker has a great idea! If she can do this, so can we!

My Niece, the budding filmmaker!

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