Wednesday, May 29, 2013


If you've been following my Blog, you know that chronic UTI's on top of my IC have been a huge struggle for me for 4 years. Nothing we tried was getting them under control. I was really struggling with the situation and feeling at the end of my rope. Finally, in February of this year, my doctor put together a plan that he thought had a good chance of stopping this cycle of UTI's.

Well, my doctor was right! I am happy to say it has been 125 days since my last infection! Yes, I know how many days because I marked the calendar when I started this treatment plan; I wanted to know either way, how many days were either successful or not.  So 125 Days checked off on the calendar! This is cause for much gratitude and happiness! This is a HUGE milestone and no matter what happens down the road, breaking this 4 year cycle is a major accomplishment and I am grateful!

It's a complex problem and my treatment plan isn't a simple one either. It's a multi-modality approach but so far it is working. I will see the doctor again at the end of June and I hope to make it to that appointment having had no further infections. Fingers crossed, sticking to my treatment plan and doing all I can to stay on track.

I am so grateful for this break from all those UTI's. I'm not entirely sure I'll ever feel the same again. It was challenging enough adjusting to having IC and learning to live with that and going on Disability because of it. When this UTI problem arose, it took an even greater toll on my body. I am feeling more exhausted than ever and struggle with having enough energy to do the simple things I want to do. But every day I check off one more day on the calendar that I am infection free is a good day!

I will take each one of those days with gratitude and be happy about it. I am working on not worrying about the future and if I will relapse. I have learned this not anything I can control and may have to learn to deal with it long term. 

So, one day at a time. Each day that passes and I have no infection is another check mark on the calendar of success! I am checking off the days and it is a good thing! I have hope; there is always hope!

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