Monday, February 11, 2013


I am actually excited that my local Support Group is meeting tonight after taking some time off during the holidays and early winter months! I miss the wonderful people in my group who are a real inspiration to me and, I believe, to each other. I always come away from our meetings feeling supported, encouraged and better than when I got there!

I hope we get a good turnout tonight and that people are feeling well enough to attend. But whoever is able to make it, will make the time together worthwhile and helpful. I'm also looking forward to seeing my Group Leader, as she is a constant source of support, friendship and help to me and our group. 

So, I am really happy it's Support Group night! Looking forward to seeing all my IC friends and catching up and helping each other with our mutual challenges!

If you don't belong to a Support Group, I strongly suggest you look for one in your area or even start one. They are SO worthwhile!

YAY! It's Support Group night!!

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