Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This has been on my mind lately. I know I have been struggling even more than usual with my IC and fighting to keep seeking answers and not allowing it to take me down. I have been working with my psychologist more on coping techniques because I've been struggling more. I have learned to recognize when I'm feeling like things are getting the better of me as a result of being in therapy. So when I notice that I am experiencing an increase in mood swings, crying and so on, I know it's time to see my therapist more often.

I know I've posted about this several times lately, but I've noticed others seem to be battling emotional struggles that go along with being a chronic pain/illness patient. First, you should not feel bad about feeling bad. We have IC and all that goes along with that and it's not easy. But I love this quote about continuing to fight to get back up when we feel we've been knocked down. That's how I feel about being an IC patient. 

Having IC is a roller coaster of good days, bad days and everything in between. One thing I've worked very hard on in therapy is not to let the good days get me overly happy and excited. I believe I have learned through experience that if I get too excited and then suddenly I'm hit with a bad day or a relapse, it's a huge fall down mentally. So, my goal is to take every day one at a time as it comes. If it's a good day, fine. Be thankful, of course, and just keep on going. If it's a bad day, I also try not to sink into sadness and depression. I have IC so I know there will be "bad" days and I should expect them. When they happen, I do whatever I can to take care of myself on those bad days and just get through it. Or as the quote says, to fight more intensely when I am struggling. 

The point is to never give up, keep getting up and fighting even when you get knocked down by your IC. If you feel "stuck" in sadness, anger, tears and depression; get help. It IS possible to learn to COPE with all that having IC means in our lives.

So, even if you are knocked down, get back up. Always get back up! Never stop fighting through the struggles and you may just find that you are stronger than you think you are!

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