Wednesday, January 16, 2013


As those of you who follow my Blog know, I have been battling chronic and repeated UTI's for quite a long time and apparently it's not going to stop anytime soon. I just completed a round of antibiotics 2 days ago and it appears I am already well on my way to having another infection already! I didn't even go 2 days without symptoms returning - sheesh! 

I had an appointment today for an instillation so I told the P.A. that I suspected another UTI was brewing - I am so familiar with my symptoms and in 3 years when I have suspected a UTI, I have been right every single time. So they took a urine culture and it will go out to the lab and I will get the results on Friday. The quick test was positive for Leukacytes so as we all know that is a classic indicator of an infection brewing. So we shall wait for the culture and go from there - again!

In addition to fighting this, my favorite nurse at my doctor's office has left for a better opportunity and so I met the office's P.A. and she seems very nice. It's always difficult enough developing comfortable relationships with our doctors and their staff and when you get one so great that you feel is so kind, caring, helpful and really listens, it's difficult when a change in staff happens. It seemed the P.A. had familiarized herself with my chart, which impressed me. She seemed pleasant and kind, so I will give her a chance. She is also going to be trained to do the InterStim since the Nurse Practitioner I loved was the one who did it, so I will have to develop a relationship with this new medical professional. I'm sure it will be fine, but when you are dealing with your IC, associated conditions, and for me these chronic UTI's, having to "break in" a new person is  just one more challenge I could live without. I'm sure all will be fine and I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.

I know we often feel like we are pushing a boulder up a hill and we'll never reach the top. I know I have those feelings. But we must never give up. I know it's hard; I'm struggling right now with fighting the negative emotions. So I'm looking forward to my next therapy session. I really count on them to keep me on an even keel.

So, until I get the culture results and can see my therapist, I must take my own advice and use all the tools at my disposal to help me get through this latest setback. I am curled up with my heating pad, resting and just taking it easy. I need to learn to cut myself some slack more than I do. I think we all need to do this! 

So, I'll keep pushing that boulder up the hill and try never to give up! The uphill battle continues and I continue to fight. I am grateful more than I can say for my family, friends and support system (IC friends too)! Without the love and support they all provide, that boulder would have pushed back down the hill a long time ago!

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