Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This morning my fantastic nephew posted this on his Facebook Page:

"2013 Pay-it-forward!
The first 5 people to comment on this status will receive from me a gift, perhaps a book, baked goods, a candle, or some other surprise! The catch? Those 5 people must make the same offer in their Facebook status. Game on!"

I was so impressed with his wanting to create a positive string of kindness that I told him I would Pay it Forward by posting this on my Blog.

My Goal every day is to Pay it Forward via my work as a Patient Advocate, supporting others both in my local Support Group, online at the ICA Facebook Page and via this Blog as well as Twitter. I hope that if I have helped even one other IC sufferer, then I can consider that I have paid it forward.

I try very hard to pay it forward to the IC Community via my Personal ICA Fundraising projects (where I have raised nearly $2,000 for IC research), talking to other IC patients on the phone and using social media such as Facebook and Twitter and my Blog to provide information and raise awareness. In addition, to show my gratitude to one of my nurses who helps me SO much, I gave her a membership in the ICA.

I'm not using these examples of my attempts at paying it forward to pat myself on the back (really), but as a means of demonstrating everyone can have an impact, no matter how small. Do a kindness for someone, create your own Fundraising Campaign as I have done, become a member of the ICA, give your doctor or nurse an ICA membership if they don't belong already. Start a local support group (the ICA can help with their FREE IC Support Group Leader Toolkit available on their website).

The point is, everyone can find a way to Pay it Forward; whether it's IC related as I choose, or helping a neighbor or doing something with your church. Do a kindness for someone else and who knows how we can impact the world! 

One person CAN make a difference! Pay it Forward!

Dedicated to my Nephew Timothy who inspired me to write this 
 Blog Post today!

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