Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Today is the first step. I am nervous, anxious, scared, hopeful. Today I get to meet with the Lung Transplant Doctor that holds my fate in his hands. Literally in his hands. Today I go to be evaluated to see if he and his team will consider me for a Lung Transplant. This is my only option and I need them to take me.

My lungs are failing me and I need new ones. This doctor and his team can give me the CHANCE. I just want a chance. I know getting accepted and put on the list for transplant is no guarantee. I may still never get the lungs I need. But if I don't get on the list, I have NO chance. So I want the chance; I NEED the chance.

I do not know what to expect today beyond meeting with the doctor. Will there be any tests? I doubt that I will be told today if they will accept me or not. I am sure they will evaluate me and then the entire Transplant Team will likely meet to decide whether or not to accept me. How long will that take? 

Can I say or do anything to persuade them? Or is just cold, hard, medical facts and nothing else that they consider? Having been denied once already, I am going to this appointment with a different attitude and ready to make a case for myself; ask different questions. 

But my fate is in the hands of the Transplant Doctor and his team. They will decide if I get a chance or not. So off to the hospital we go - my Mom and one of my Brothers. Part of my Support Team to demonstrate that I have a support system in place to help me through the process. This is important. 

I hope there will be a Step 2 that comes with being accepted. But here we go; Step 1 is underway as we head to the hospital.

"Calling All Angels" - Train

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