Friday, April 4, 2014


I was emailing a dear friend who has been a source of support and strength as I face this life threatening lung disease. She wrote me something that really struck home and I wanted to share it; I hope she won’t mind.

This is what she said to me:

“Hoping you are finding ways to embrace the beauty in your life in the midst of your tiredness and pain – and surrounding yourself with those who love you..... Remember, your tears are an expression of your love for life, and your ability to experience intensely – so no holding them back to protect others!”

I found her words so comforting and they really touched me. This is how I feel and what I am experiencing as I go through this new journey I am on. 

People find it hard to watch someone they love cry, but for me it is an  expression of my love of life and my family. I am letting everyone I care about know that they mean something to me. I’m not wasting time holding grudges. If it’s one thing this has truly hit home is that life IS too short. You never know how long you have. Make the most of it. Tell everyone you love that you love them and do it often. It feels so good! 

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