Sunday, April 13, 2014


Normally on Sunday I post an Inspirational Quote and Song for the day. It was not a good day for me today and I was not up to posting.

However, these past few days have shown me I have MUCH for which to be grateful. I have been showered by love from my family (bringing me meals and visiting), friends (messaging and calling and praying); my IC Community of friends (holding an online candlelight vigil for me) as I fight this lung disease.

So in lieu of the usual, I here is a song I love that is dedicated to each and every person who is reaching out to support, encourage, love and help me battle this illness. This is for each and every single one of you!


  1. You are definitely loved. I don't know what happened. You said lung disease. Is it pneumonia? Im praying for you and I love that song so much!! You're a beautiful, strong woman <3 Get well!!

    1. Lauren; No not pneumonia. You can go back and read previous Blog posts about this. This is Idiopathic Bronchiolitis Obliterans. It is incurable, irreversible and if I do not get a lung transplant (been denied one already), it is terminal.