Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Well, this horrendous, life threatening disease that I have has done one thing. Everyone who loves me is rallying around me to be there for me as I go through this battle for life. My family has always been close and we all know we love each other. But since I've been sick, fighting to save my life and hope for a lung transplant, my family has rallied around me to let me know how much they love me, support me and are here for me.

My friends are doing the same. Calling, visiting, emailing, Facebooking, sending cards and inspirational gifts to lift my spirits. Everyone who is dear to me is "showing up" to let me know they are here for me. Asking what they can do to help, checking in on me and letting me know they care.

My Interstitial Cystitis "family" is rallying around as well. Offering prayers, holding an online candlelight vigil, sending flowers and cards. These are people I have never met except online and yet they are there for me supporting me and caring about me and doing all they can to help me through this.

I've posted about this before, but to have so many Rallying Around me showing me their love and support is helping in ways I cannot even begin to express. But each of you has made a difference in my journey and I am forever grateful!

Last weekend my brother from California flew in to visit me and we had a wonderful family weekend filled with love, laughter, tears and support! It meant the world to me. My nephew took and old childhood story I've been telling so long and got me a gift that he knew would make me laugh because he wanted so much to do something to make me happy. These are just a few examples of what all those I hold dear are doing to help me.

Now I am waiting to hear from Loyola University about being accepted for a Lung Transplant. There is testing they want to do in the hospital to see if they can get me to a place where they could get me on the transplant list. I am waiting for instructions. Why is it that these things seem to take forever to get scheduled! Tick tock! So we wait. I don't like waiting, but so it must be. 

I still can't believe I have this lung disease and that if I don't get a lung transplant, I am out of options. How did I get here? This is surreal. But everyone is Rallying Around and holding me tight and helping me face this very scary battle. 

I love you all!
Me and My 3 Fantastic Brothers!

"Blessed" - Martina McBride

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  1. I agree. It IS so surreal and WEIRD how this "popped" up all of a sudden in your life unexpectedly. But out of every storm always comes a rainbow. What makes me happy to see is how everyone is showing you love. I'm not sure what your outcome will be, or the "why's" of life, but I have seen in the past that sometimes people wait to tell people just how much they mean to them by the time it's too late. We shouldn't wait. We should all strive to show people how much we love them while they are still alive because we never know what tomorrow brings. Our time on this Earth is so short. Love you IC sister