Monday, December 30, 2013


It's been 7 weeks since this all started. 7 weeks of not being able to breathe. 7 weeks of coughing so hard that I have torn several intercostals along with other unpleasantries I won't print. 7 weeks of laying in bed at night and listening to myself wheeze when I try to breathe. You know, late at night, when it's all quiet and I lay in bed - actually propped up by about 7 pillows to maximize breathing and minimize coughing and to ease the pain from the coughing injuries - I hear this sound that at first I thought to myself: "what is that funny noise?" Turns out it's me. It's that wheezing/whistling/gurgling sound I'm making as I try to breathe. 7 weeks.

The time is ticking by so slowly, agonizingly so, because I should be getting better by now. Some progress should be seen at this point. But there is insignificant improvement, if any, so I am all too aware of the passage of time and how long I have been suffering with this new disease.

The longer this goes on, the worse my IC gets too. As if coughing this hard for 7 weeks wasn't painful enough, my bladder doesn't think much of it either. I am using the Rescue Inhaler more than I should every day and we still need to use the Nebulizer every day too. Both should be getting used less and less as each days passes. 

I have another appointment this week with the Pulmonologist so we will see what he has to say. There are some other options that I may explore as well. I want to see what the Pulmonologist says on Thursday first. 

7 weeks and counting. By the time I see the doctor on Thursday, it will have been a full month since they admitted me to the hospital and just over 3 weeks since I've been home. I should be seeing more improvement by now. I'm frustrated, I admit. 

7 weeks and counting. Tick, Tick, Tick - or, rather - Wheeze, Wheeze, Cough, Cough!

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