Thursday, December 5, 2013


As many of you know, I have been in the Hospital since Monday suffering from a SEVERE and non-productive cough for nearly 4 weeks now. It has been brutal and I am in a lot of pain from coughing so much (I know have pulled a few muscles). My bladder doesn't approve either! I have had every test in the book and they have ruled out everything viral/bacterial/pneumonia - like and removed the isolation restrictions yesterday so we knew it was nothing contagious. But what the heck is this?

Well the word is back. Obstructive Lung Disease - severe asthma. I need to stay in the hospital 24-48 hours more while they try IV steroids (oh joy) to see if I get any better. If I do, then they'll send me home with self care meds etc. If I'm not better, the doctor said he'd do a chest ct scan. One step at a time though. I also had a Swallow Test and definitely have a problem there and the Pulmonologist has no idea if that and the lung disease have anything to do with each other or not. But that is also something we need to see if we can fix.

I really like this Pulmonologist; everyone here at the hospital says he's brilliant and works on complex cases and solves them all the time. So to have him smile at me and tell me that he is very puzzled by me made me laugh. I told him - literally, you are not the first doctor to tell me that! Here's hoping the treatments start working! But I'll be here at minimum one more day, likely 2 as the doctor wants to see more improvement in my cough and breathing.

And I am here to say that not all hospitals are created equal. I am blessed to be at one the Top 100 Hospitals in the Country and the care is amazing! My nurses have all been so helpful and kind. Going out of their way to help me with my IC problems while here. As you all know, being hooked up to an IV with IC is no fun! The nurse got them to agree to disconnect the IV yesterday, called my Urogynecologist's office who sent his P.A. over to my hospital room to give me an instillation. This has been a real life saver for me and helped cut down on the increase in IC symptoms I was experiencing. I am so grateful for everyone's care and concern and the extra lengths they have all gone to in helping me with my IC special needs! I know so often we talk about bad experiences, but I believe when something so good happens it deserves recognition. I cannot say how much this has eased what has been a very challenging and painful time for me.
 — at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital.

Beautiful Flowers sent to me by my Big Brother and his wife and family! So lovely and really brightened my day!

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