Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I just wanted to give a quick report for those that may not have seen my posts on Facebook that I am home from the Hospital after 8 very long days.

Yesterday ended up going downhill fast, but it was my first day home from the hospital. Got the Nebulizer and started treatments at home with all the other meds. I am in so much pain from so many pulled muscles from all the coughing I don't have words to describe it.
That said, I MAY have found a trick to help with the side effects of the Nebulizer; it makes my heart race terribly and I already have a heart issue so I've started taking both my heart meds and anti-seizure meds about half hour before the Nebulizer and, while I still get a racing heart, it's not AS bad as it was when I didn't do that. I talked to my Neuro yesterday and he also gave me permission to take an extra anti-seizure pill during these treatments to help relax me. I am hopeful this will mitigate the side effects of the Nebulizer treatments. I had an awful evening but then ended up actually sleeping better last night than since this whole thing began. MAYBE a turning point?? One night does not a trend make so we shall see. But it was certainly desperately needed. I may have overdone it yesterday too by being online too long etc. My body is nowhere near "better" yet and I am so exhausted I didn't think it could get worse. This is a real challenge and I confess to several mini meltdowns. But thanks to my loving family and Mom, I will keep forging ahead.

I will try to keep everyone posted and up to date as I go through my recovery and this new medical challenge that has been added to my IC. Most of us have multiple conditions with which we have to deal - I already had more than IC. But this is really taking a toll I did not think possible. It is a marathon as I said the other day. I will have to work on patience. I've used my meditation and that helps. Think I've devised a few tricks to help minimize side effects of the Nebulizer treatments and called my psychologist and asked her to call me. I will do all I can to cope and move forward.

Thank you so much for your kind concern and words of encouragement from everyone! It means a lot!

All the Beautiful Flowers Sent to Me!

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