Friday, December 6, 2013


I wanted to let everyone know that, as I have been in the hospital all week, the love, encouragement and support that I have received from my family, friends, IC Support Group family and my IC online Community has been amazing! I feel the hugs coming to me across the internet and it warms my heart and keeps me strong.

The never ending messages of support and encouragement have simply brought me to tears. To have so many sending me their prayers and messages of support means the world to me and I thank each and every single one of you for your support.

Special mention to my Local Support Group ladies. One gal pal from my Local Support Group stopped by last night to visit and it truly lifted my spirits (thank you Susan)! She is a joy and a dear friend and it meant the world to me that she came by! Today, another gal from Group came by with some beautiful flowers and spent some quality time making me laugh, and then of course cough (thank you Jenn). But again, it did my spirits a world of good and I am grateful. My Support Group Leader has been in constant contact via email and never forgets to follow up and ask how I am doing. I have several other Support Group friends who do the same. Contacting me online daily to see how I am. I have a fantastic group of friends that I have made from having this awful disease. And each of them has put aside their own pain to ask after me and offer support and help!

I am truly grateful for all these words of support and you have all done wonders for my spirits and are helping to support me through this! THANK YOU!

Beautiful Seasonal Flowers from my gal pal from Support Group! Thank you Jenn!

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