Saturday, December 7, 2013


Well, arrived here on Monday, December 2nd and here it is Saturday, December 7th. Who would have thought. Certainly not me when we left the house on Monday, that's for sure! But this is definitely a more serious lung condition than I ever could have guessed and the doctors are taking it very seriously.  In fact, I just got back to my room from having to have a Chest CT scan with contrast.  The Pulmonary Function test showed I have some sort of Obstructive Lung Disease - but what kind? They were thinking asthma but still want more information. I will hope to hear about the CT today from the doctors if they saw anything that sheds more light on this issue.

As many IC patients know, die contrast is not a friend to our bladders. The minute they injected it, my bladder felt it! I will have to go self-cath as soon as I finish this post. My medical team here at the hospital is working SO hard to get me what I need for an instillation but it's proving - for reasons not one person can understand - difficult to get the meds. My Urogynecologist has spoken with my Hospitalist and put through the order but the hospital pharmacy won't fill it. I have some ticked off doctors here, let me tell you! In the meantime, the Hospitalist promised me some Lidocaine gel so I can use that topically on my urethra. It helps me with the urethra pain so it would be SOMETHING to help and I'll take whatever I can get.

So at least one more night in the hospital. I'm not optimistic about discharge tomorrow; thinking it might be more like Monday but we shall see. What will be will be. Just wanting answers so we can put together a treatment plan. After so many years as an IC patient and a Patient Advocate, I can tell you I am asking questions, checking everything before I let them give me anything but no one minds and every single staff person (doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, etc.) are all wonderful and helpful and doing all they can to accommodate me and work with me. I am truly grateful to be in such an excellent hospital.


  1. Hope you feel better. Thanks for keeping us updated. By the way, I have plenty of lidocaine that I don't use.

  2. I am hoping and praying you are out soon!